Monday, November 24, 2014

Get acquaint with different types of lab products

Be it clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, dental clinics, and teaching labs lab products are commonly used in every industry. Each gear has its purpose to serve in every industry. For instance in medical care center, thermometers are used to check fever of patients, in teaching labs of schools and colleges human skeleton are displayed to given proper understanding to students about the human body.

Mentioned below are some laboratory products and its uses-

Animal skeletons:
In the Zoology field, study on animals is done. This is why animal species skeleton like cat, chicken, rat, frog and more are required in labs to teach or to test and make researches. Students and zoologist get better understanding about the animal bodies by these skeleton systems.

Sterilizers and autoclaves:
Sterilizers are used to sterilize medical gears, so that no health issues are spread. For example, unsterilized tooth tools can cause infection to other person, if dentist make use of same infected tools to treat the other patients. Therefore, with the need to maintain hygiene autoclaves and sterilizers are used in microbiology, medicine, podiatry, tattooing, body piercing, veterinary science, mycology, dentistry, and prosthetics fabrication areas.

Botany models: Likewise, study of humans and animals is done; study of plant life is also possible. Botany models are used for this purpose. Botanists make use of botany models to study life of plants and make following researches or teach students who are procuring studies in this botany.

Dental equipment:
Dental students or dentists require dental equipment to treat patients tooth problems like cavities. Dentists make use of dental stimulators to teach students about the teeth and various issues related to it.

Disposables: To maintain hygienic level in health care centers, various disposables are used for conducting tests, and diagnosis patients. Examination gloves, blades, testing tools, microscope slides etc. are to name a few laboratory disposables that are commonly used in medical industry. After being used, these disposables are disposed of, which means these are not used further for treatment.

Thermometers: To measure fever of patients, thermometers are used. Its use is not just restricted to check temperature of patients but it is used in different applications like food industry, chemical industry, and outdoor area.

Microscopes: Small objects are not visible by human eyes. To view small tiny images microscopes are used. Its use is in various areas like biological, polarizing, portable field device, stereo, surgical, industrial digital viewing device, and digital microscopes etc.

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