Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Disposable/Reusable lab gloves- Which one to choose?

In market, there are several types of lab instruments are available. For each work of laboratories, there is a tool, whether it is heating, containing or observing. Some tools are lab disposables while some others are reusable. Gloves are one of those tools which come in both options. It is normal for one to get confused between these two types while purchasing.

While purchasing this laboratory equipment, it is necessary that you make right choice. For taking right decision, you must compare reusable and disposable ones. This comparison can make things very clear for you.

Cost – There is different in both options in cost. Disposable items cost much less than others. Whether you are looking for something affordable or something with quality, it is your choice to make.

Material – Usually, disposable gloves are not made of high quality material. Since they are only used once, their quality is acceptable. They can still provide great protection from various chemicals, dangerous elements or microorganisms. For handling chemicals and hazardous elements, it is recommended to use reusable gloves. They are made from thick material which protects user from coming in direct contact of chemicals.

Work – These gloves are suitable in biology labs. In these laboratories, various bacteria, viruses are studied by professional. It becomes necessary for them to use throwaway ones to protect themselves and specimen. It reduces the risk of infections, since they are not used ever again. However, in the chemical and material labs, reusable ones are used. They are thick and designed to protect from any kind of risk.

Safety – Whether it is reusable or disposable glove, both of them provide protection from several risks. Disposable ones are the best choice for those fields where lab professionals do not come in the direct contact of danger. Microorganisms or viruses cannot go through materials, which is why one use tool is a good choice. Material, which they are made from, makes it impossible to use them again, which ensures safety. In those fields, where human comes in the direct contact of chemicals, it is necessary to use recyclable ones. Since, they are made of hard elements, they provide better protection. There is no risk of them tearing while in use.

Maintenance – In both options, one is designed for only use, which ends the scope of maintenance. However, reusable ones should be washed, dried and sterilized every once in a while.

Before purchasing gloves for laboratory, you must consider these facts. You must take your decision on the basis of this comparison. It will help you in making right choice, which completes all your requirements.

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