Thursday, September 18, 2014

Use of various types of models in laboratories

In the different types of laboratories, there are different types of models are used. In the labs especially in schools, colleges and institutes, different replicas or dummies are used for providing guidance and more knowledge. They provide insight about various organs, their systems and their functionality.

These models are an important part of laboratory instruments. Here are some examples of replicas which are used in laboratories:

Animal – In several labs, skeletons and replicas of various animals are used. Skeletons of cat, frog, lizards, chicken, fish etc., can be seen in any lab. In schools and colleges, these skeletons are used to provide better education and insight about animals. Students can learn many things from these skeletons. They learn how a living organism works.
Human – Models of human structure and organs are also used in various laboratories. Medical students can learn many things about human anatomy with the help of these structures. Replicas of minds, torso, muscles, eyes, respiratory system, ears etc., are widely used. These dummies give amazing knowledge about the functionality of human body. Students learn about different organs and how they work.

Biology – Biology models are used in biology laboratories of schools, colleges and research institutes etc. Microorganisms structures of viruses or fungus etc., helps in researching about these organisms. With more knowledge about viruses and bacteria, scientists find cures of diseases. One can learn about the nature and work of microorganisms.

Botany – Dummies of various trees and plants are used in various labs. Structures of plants, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, fungi, stem, cells etc., are used in laboratories. These dummies provide deep knowledge about botany. One can learn more about plants with the help of these models.

Cellular – Cells are an important part of structures of human, animals or plants. Their study holds and important part in science. For the study of cells, students and lab professionals use these structures for getting better knowledge. Cells can provide better knowledge of anatomy of various organisms that is why their study is necessary.

With the help of all these models, professionals and students get more knowledge about different organisms. They learn as well as research more in science. Science gets more interesting with these dummies and students become more interested in study. These structures help in finding cures for diseases, making new discoveries, revealing functionality of organisms etc. They help in different types of studies like pathology, histology etc.

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