Friday, August 1, 2014

Lab Equipment: helping hands in researches

Laboratory or labs are a place where various kinds of researches are done in a controlled condition. There are many types of labs such as chemical, microbiology, biology, physics, agricultural etc. In all these labs, different types of researches are done for the benefit of human kind.

Laboratory equipment is an important instrument of any lab whether it is a chemical lab, biology one or any other. In the laboratories, there are many types of equipment used. Some of these instruments are recycled after sterilization while some of them are lab disposables.

Here are some of the instruments used in labs:

Gloves – Gloves are very convenient to use in a lab. They are widely used in different industries. Most of them are made of nitrile or latex rubber. They are used to save researchers from various effects of coming in direct contact of a harmful specimen, acid or other chemicals. They also save products and sample such as cell cultures from human contact.

Microscope Slides and Petri Dishes – Whenever a researcher observes a specimen under microscope, he needs slide or petri dishes to contain the samples. Slides are used in all kind of labs like chemistry, biology, microbiology, pharmaceutical, and agriculture. Without slides or petri dishes, one cannot observe specimen under microscope.

Blades & Lancets – They are used on patients mainly for surgical reasons. In the laboratories, to observe different biological samples, these instruments are used on those samples.

Plastic Pipettes – These are mainly used for transfer of acids and different liquids. Pipettes are safe for any kind of transfer of fluids in labs.

Beakers, Tubes& Flasks – Beakers, flasks and tubes are the equipment, which are used to contain different kind of samples for further observation.

Specimen Bags – Small looking bags are used to contain various specimens that are observed in laboratories. They can protect the samples from dirt, moisture and other things that can harm them.

Inoculation Needles – Inoculation Needles are used by microbiologists to transfer a part of micro organism such as bacteria to a petri dish. It is equipment used for researches related with microscopes.

Weight Boats – Weight Boats are utilized to weigh liquid or solid samples before taking them for research. Sometimes in the laboratories like chemistry labs, it is necessary to measure the weight of samples such as powder or liquids before mixing or using them.

Many other equipment are used in laboratories. Some of them can be reused after sterilizing. Some of the equipment can be disposed after one use. Being disposable is a good option because it minimizes the cleanup time as well as the work.

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